18 September 2011

I just made this blog and I'm already terrible at keeping up with it. Things have been busy since school started! Here is a collage I made recently. Old magazines, new magazines, a butterfly wing, and a random sticker with '29' on it that was stuck to my rug. 

01 September 2011

Room Inspiration

Another inspiration post! I'm planning on painting my room white instead of the super bright green it is right now when I get home from vacation. I submitted some pictures of my room to Teenage Bedroom a while ago, and my room was looking pretty frightening once I saw it online. I've been wanting to paint it for a while -- things look a little cluttered and out of control. Naturally, that's my style, but I think having white walls would make the craziness look a bit cleaner. I've been collecting some inspiration pictures and I wanted to share:

sources: 1-3: disarming darling. 4-6: the style rookie. 7&8: tumblr.
My first inspiration post! School starts next week, and as much as I am not excited for that, I love thinking about getting dressed in the fall. Here's a bit of black and white to match the dark days of school ahead ;)

sources: 1: dramabeats on instagram. 2-5: grahampreston on instagram. 6: moonbrains on tumblr.  7: unknown. 8: unitedstatesofvogue on tumblr. 9: voodoovoodoo on tumblr. 10: unknown.